Let’s help

Always be the helping hand for others even if no one holds their hand for you. We help others who intern will go into help more people. We start the cycle but we can also end the cycle. If we think “no one is helping me so why should I help them”, we begin down a dark lonely path. We become bitter towards others and spiteful in our actions. Let’s choose empathy and kindness. Be thankful that we aren’t in similar situations but have the strength and capability to guide others through theirs. Helping others is a selfless act and the helper shouldn’t expect praise, recognition or require validation for the help they have given. Once an individual seeks praise or recognition, the act of helping becomes a selfish act to feed your own ego.

I like many others around the world help others before I help myself. I make time even if I have none for someone who needs my time. I talk to someone who needs distraction. I listen to someone who needs to vent. I be there for someone even if I’m physically exhausted or emotionally drained. I find the inner strength so others feel supported. Let’s all make this our motto and spread the word.

#supportyourfriends #supporteachother❤️ #offerahelpinghand #beselfless


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