You never know…

As humans we judge a book by its cover before we open the pages and explore it further. If we did, we would find their are deeper layers, complex thoughts and intense feelings that are shaping the outcome of the book. This analogy can be used in how we perceive others in our lives. They say it takes 10secs for an individual to make up their mind about another person. 10secs?? Is this fair?

This innate judgement is within us, we often have little control over it. But like the book if we take the time to get to the know the person, understands their thoughts, feelings and personality, we may find we change our view on them.

Change is something we are privy to and can do with ease. It doesn’t cost anything, but does require a sacrifice. This is something we can control.

For example when meeting a person for the first time, automatically we will judge how they look in relation to ourselves. But than we start talking to them and find they may not be what we expected. I can almost say this is 100% fact for every single person and it’s happened to everyone.

But the real test is how we then go on treating that individual. Do we realise our misjudgment and go out of our way to be kind and befriend the individual. Or do we stick with our initial thoughts and treat that person accordingly.

The saying goes we are all onions with many layers. Humans are very complex people. We have no idea what is going on in anyone else’s life other than our own. So why do we think we do know and make assumptions. I go through life on this premise, that we are more than surface deep, so give people time and get to know them. However I have observed that this notion is ignored many people, they only look superficially and this I find is where problems arise. I don’t expect everyone to explain their life story to others to avoid judgment. But for people to be more open minded and understanding.

“ often the loudest person in the room is often the most hurt and fragile”

This oxymoron that shouldn’t make sense, makes complete sense. Think about it.


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