Stop looking down

We are getting lost in humanity. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, lost in a crowd and feeling invisible. The world we live in today, isnt the safe haven we once thought it was. The new technological age, has brought with it demons, realising our inner weaknesses. Our fears are becoming true, we turn for help and the help turns away, unaware of your cries for help. It’s a very selfish society!

From something which should’ve brought the world closer together, humanity stronger as we would be united. Instead, humanity is estranged from one another, conflicts becoming more prevalent and individuals loosing themselves.

The ideology and imaginary of someone curved over head down mindlessly walking looking at a 5x5screen, is our reality. But why? Everyday we look down, spending hours looking down at the lives of others, talking to people virtually, looking down. So when do we look up?? Life is precious and is time sensitive, if we don’t look up at the world around us, the dangers ahead of us, the person next to us etc.

We could literally be right next to someone whom needs help, but we are too busy putting posts up on social media about caring, that in the real world caring is becoming a rarity.

We are all guilty of this, including myself. But when we get to a point where we stop looking up, what are we doing with our lives?? We strive to be a success, have a family and live a fulfilled life. We want this, we may even portray it on social media. But are we actually successful, have we fulfilled our lives. The answer probably not. If we spent less time looking down, being nosey into other people’s lives and falsely portraying open good life, we might actually achieve something. It’s a harsh reality check!

If you walk down the street and look around you will 100% notice that at least 99% of people will be using a device either; listening to music, texting or scrolling through social media. The current young generation we have are using iPads as young a 2yrs old. Their generation will loose the ability to imaginatively play and create, have face-to-face conversation, their language may be very limited, may become socially isolated. The technological age is taking away our basic humans needs and abilities.

We constantly chasing people to talk to, even in large crowds, which have become the loneliest of places.

When someone is hurt, being bullied, or people have an argument in the street or worse. What is your first instinct? Mine is and will always be to help! But it’s becoming more and more common for someone to pull out their phone, open the camera and film it or take a selfie!!! Once humanity has reached this all time low, we must start to question ourselves and the necessity of such technology.

When I see some news articles, I wonder how some pictures or videos are taken. Then you realise no one is helping but al standing around filming it. One recently was a person had committed suicide on a railway track and a man was seen standing on the platform taking a selfie with the body in the picture frame!!! Why do we feel the need to publicise life through virtual reality. It’s becoming if you don’t post it on social media, did it really happen?

To take it further even small situations like eating a meal with your family, most or all may be on their phones for the entirety of the meal. I was at a restaurant and the table next me the couple were both on their phones, not once did they speak, and I looked around and it was everywhere. For me, I like talking and having a conversation, I rarely ignore a person and look at my phone. Because then what’s the point of eating together?

The thing is children will learn this trait and will copy, and this will become ingrained in their life.

There is an alarming increase of depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety etc. Can we really be surprised by this?

Everyone loves a Snapchat filter, makes them look cute, silly or flawless. But what image are we portraying to others. The application of many filters on your face, can lead to a false sense of self and reality. A false perception is being presented to the world, whom will see you only as your snapchat filter. Therefore when you don’t seem as airbrushed in person, the criticism and insults begin. But who is at fault?

Humanity is trapped, running in an endless circle, unable to find a way out. How can we say we have freedom and independence, when we live and depend on our mobile devices. They are attached to us, they have become our addictions.

Heard of Pokemon Go, we all have it was a game to catch Pokemon in the real world. It was hailed as an amazing game, getting people outside and walking around. But are they really? The people are walking around heads down looking at their surroundings through a screen. Instead of encouraging virtual games to get people outside. How about we go back to playing outside, exploring, taking walks, without a phone. We can eat, shop, date and even pay using our phones. We are letting technology control every aspect of our lives!

Technology and social media have become our downfall. It has its many positive aspects but they are heavily outweighed by the negative.

Please watch this video

Turn your phone off, look up and live life.


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