Truth doesn’t matter

We speak the truth and no one wants to listen or believe it. When we lie and cover up our truth we are heard loud and clear. The truth for us may hurt and make us feel uncomfortable, we can’t expect anyone else to understand, so we lie. The human race presumes they can assume what others will think and say. But in reality this may not even be the case. So to protect ourselves, we lie as it’s easier to cope with. However the lie will mean the truth is more painful and harder to cope with.

A lie is our defence mechanism against reality as we can’t face the truth ourselves. We test people with small snippets or hypothetical topics that are linked to our truth. We do this to try and understand the other persons perspective and opinion on it. If we feel their reaction is not what we want it to be, we close up and lie. Also telling the truth can cause a lot of pain and hurt others, indirectly without any intention.

Speaking the truth may not always be the best option. A lie and truth is an infinite circle which keeps revolving with no sign of ever stopping. A lie can easily turn to truth and a truth can be a lie. A person can suppress the truth so much so the lie becomes their reality.

An individual with a mental health condition struggles with this reality more so than the average person. Everyone struggles with the inner battle of truth vs lie. But someone with a mental health condition battles with the need to cry for help and protect themselves. However this can be detrimental to their recovery as the constant lying can lead to the truth not being dealt with. In addition, some may speak the truth but be un heard and people around them whom are un-willingly to listen. For this reason, the individual may start to think the the truth doesn’t matter as the lie is getting attention. We need to stop this cycle and recognise within ourselves that as much as the truth is painful and difficult to face it is necessary to be able to progress and recover.

It’s everyone’s duty to make a person feel safe and comfortable to speak their truth without fear. In doing so people won’t feel the need to lie or use it as a defence mechanism.


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