I hide behind a wall I’ve built, it protects me from the outside world, I can keep secrets in. I can remain protected and defensive , the inner battles I face, I fight alone. Occasionally I let people in, only the surface layer, see how they react. I’m careful how I behave, show emotion and present in-front of everyone. I wear a fake smile, pretend to laugh and appear stress free. I’ve become good at acting, acting how others want me to be. So I don’t make them feel uncomfortable around me. I’m protected from judgment, people talking about me and those sympathetic looks. If only somebody will look closely at my eyes. They will see pain, anguish, a person struggling, unable to cope, a person alone and upset. I want to reach out, I want to share but I’m paralysed by my own battles.

Look beyond the obvious, as nothing is always what it seems.

No words

A hug says more than words ever can. It lets the other person know you care, you are there for them and they aren’t alone. Being embraced by another when you feel down, is a gentle reminder that there is always someone with you.

For many whom may not have grown up with a good system and strong relationships, may find a hug the embrace they needed.

When someone you know looks upset, see if they are ok and give them a hug, you may be the only person that day who has.